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Our Services

Interior Design

The one-stop professional home interior design and decoration company is committed to planning perfect and keeping up with the times. It strives to build stylish and comfortable homes full of personal taste for guests, so as to put the homeowner in the most comfortable "ideal space".


General Construction

Undertake a one-stop home renovation project and demolition and restoration engineering company, the business scope includes indoor and outdoor renovation, residential, office buildings, suites, shops, factories, waterproofing works, electrical installation, demolition and restoration projects, etc.

Custom Furniture

Specializing in the manufacture of furniture with high practicality and space saving. Professional custom-made: wardrobes, floor beds, bookcases, TV cabinets, combined beds and other products, as well as all-house supporting furniture (bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.).



Qualified minor works contractor of the Buildings Department. Provide professional aluminum window repair, aluminum window leaking, waterproofing. Provide housing estate services. Provide commercial building services. Have rich professional experience. Services: free inspection, professional repair services.


Commercial Project

A good store design and decoration can be said to be the most important first link for a business person to run a business. He will analyze the independent image of each brand, start from the subtleties, and carefully consider every detail of the store decoration. From the entrance hallway, window display, corridor channel planning, color tone application, lighting, and overall decoration interval layout.

Project Management

Interior decoration project management service: It is important to have a successful residential renovation! To do this, you need a good project management to control the decoration. Project management will control: cost; quality and time. Reduce/avoid unnecessary project risks. Protect the interests of customers!

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